Call of Duty 6:Les deathstreaks

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Fichier:Copycat.jpg Copycat
3 deaths
Copy the loadout of the enemy that killed you on your fourth death.
Fichier:Copycat pro.jpg
Fichier:Painkiller.jpg Painkiller (lvl 6)
4 deaths
Triple health for ten seconds after respawn.
Fichier:Painkiller pro.jpg
Fichier:Martyrdom.jpg Martyrdom (lvl 27)
? deaths
Drop a live grenade.
Fichier:Martyrdom pro.jpg
Fichier:Finalstand.jpg Final Stand (lvl 39)
Last Stand, but you will be able to use your primary weapon and fully recover after a set amount of time without being shot again.
Fichier:Finalstand pro.jpg